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Dear Nigel, Thank you very much for your email on Monday and for the super package of covers which arrived this morning. I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have discovered your shop. It is such a pleasure to use your superb website, with its remarkable stock, very fair prices and very helpful descriptions. As ever, your service is outstanding in every way.

Written by David - UK on 06/10/2020.

Thanks for excellent service at this difficult time, will recommend to other collectors.

Written by Rob - UK on 05/01/2020.

Hello Nigel, I received the stamps this morning, and would like to say how impressed I was with the service and the quality of the stamps. As this was my first order with you, I have usually gone to another dealer, I was naturally slightly anxious as to what I was going to receive, but I need not have worried. I will certainly be ordering from you again.

Written by Jacqueline - UK on 04/22/2020.

Nigel, I would like to confirm receipt of order, and to acknowledge the excellent service. This was my second order and on both occasions the response could not have been better. I would also observe that the web site is very well detailed, but still extremely user friendly, providing good images, and good value. Taking everything into consideration one of my best on-line shopping experiences. Don't change anything.

Written by Doug UK on .

Hi Nigel, Order arrived thank you. 1st class covers, 1st class condition, 1st class packing and paperwork, 1st class post, Cant ask for more, many thanks.

Written by Bernard UK on .

I would like to say you have an excellent Website, very clear and easy to use and a super service. Your prices are very competitive, and the quality of the stamps are superb

Written by Charles UK on .

My order arrived today in perfect condition, lightning fast service I appreciate your very good customer service and kindness. Small things count, they make the world better, and everyone can make one now and then. I'll surely recommend your shop whenever I can. Thank You.

Written by Teppo Lahti - Finland on .

Hello Nigel, the items arrived safely today. I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt service and attention to detail. If only everything in life could be as easy as doing business with you!

Written by Roger UK on .

Just to let you know that stamps arrived this morning and am delighted with them. Quality, price, packaging, fast turn around - everything spot on! Excellent service. Will be back for more very soon.

Written by John UK on .

Many thanks. I'm delighted with the order. Great service, fast delivery and quality covers. I'll certainly be buying again from you in the near future.

Written by Carol UK on .

Just to let you know I got my first order off you this morning....VERY IMPRESSED !! Many thanks for the speed for this order and the excellent packing

Written by Paul UK on .

Great deals. The best on the web for FDC. I shall return:-)

Written by Ken UK on .
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1 x 2014-02-20 Locomotives of Wales Porthmadog FDC (77531)1 x 1980-08-04 Queen Mother Crown St Pauls FDC (37652)1 x 1984 Indonesia asean Coin Stamp FDC (74937)1 x 1995-05-09 Guernsey 50th VE Day Coin FDC (30671)1 x 1981-05-23 River Wye Raft Race Souvenir (16164)1 x 1984 Indonesia asean Coin Stamp Registered FDC (74938)1 x 1969-11-26 Christmas Set MNH (812-14)1 x 1981-08-12 Duke Of Edinburgh CDS FDC (3843)1 x 2013-08-08 Andy Murray Stamps M/S Wimbledon FDC (77530)1 x 2015-07-16 Battle of Britain M/S London NW9 FDC (77539)1 x 1981-07-22 Royal Wedding + Coin London FDC (53927)1 x 2013-08-13 British Auto Legends M/S Alwalton FDC (77529)1 x 1981-05-13 Butterflies Stamps Presentation Pack (P126)1 x 1969-11-26 Christmas Stamps Oxford FDI (17274)1 x 1981-07-29 Royal Wedding Charles & Di Cylinder Margin (10910)1 x 2014-05-13 Great British Film M/S Blackheath SE3 FDC (77534)1 x 1995-05-09 Jersey Liberation Anniv Stamp Coin FDC (62920)1 x 1981-10-27 Charles & Di Royal Visit Cardiff (39406)1 x 2015-05-06 175th Anniv of The Penny Black Bath FDC (77537)1 x 1978-03-01 Historic Buildings PHQ 28 London FDI (60271)1 x 1989-07-25 Industrial Archaeology M/S New Lanark FDC (77585)1 x 10 GB Slogan Postmarks on Envelopes (77178)1 x 10 GB Slogan Postmarks on Envelopes (77176)1 x 1978-05-31 Coronation PHQ 29 London FDI (60094)1 x 1977-06-15 Silver Jubilee PHQ 22 (e) Mint (64086)1 x 2000-08-04 Queen Mother M/S London SW1 FDC (77582)1 x 1978-03-01 Historic Buildings PHQ 28 London FDI (60270)1 x 1957-11-29 FPO 774 Slogan Postmark on envelope (53442)1 x 1975-10-22 Jane Austen PHQ13 Doncaster FDI (phq148)1 x 1949-05-17 Field Post Office 594 cds Pmk (63928)1 x 1979-07-11 YOTC FDI (0094)1 x 1969-11-26 Christmas Stamps No Pmk (63201)1 x 1969-11-26 Christmas Stoke Fleming cds FDC (45564)1 x 1981-05-13 Butterfly Stamp Bramber FDC (64611)1 x 1979-09-26 SG1103 Police patrol boat F/U (22858)1 x 1977-10-05 Wildlife Stamps NORWICH FDC (75860)1 x 1977-10-05 Wildlife Stamps Luton FDI (56399)1 x 1979-09-26 SG1100 Policeman on Beat F/U (22855)1 x 1969-11-26 Christmas Stamps Windsor FDC (61144)1 x 2003-03-25 Fruit and Veg Stamps Pear Tree FDC (77577)1 x 2002-05-21 World Cup Football M/S Wembley FDC (77576)1 x 1989-07-25 Industrial Archaeology M/S New Lanark FDC (77584)1 x 1969-07-31 Last Day of Halfpenny Stamps Coin Cover (69441)1 x 2003-09-18 Transports of Delight M/S Toye FDC (77573)1 x 1977-11-23 Christmas PHQ 26 London FDI (60191)1 x 1977-05-11 Silver Jubilee Stamps PHQ Newcastle FDC (65489)1 x 2000-05-22 J Matthews Stamp Show M/S SW5 FDC (77580)1 x 1981-07-29 Royal Wedding Charles & Di Gutters (10912)1 x 1977-06-15 Silver Jubilee PHQ 22 (e) Mint (55923)1 x 1955 Forces Air Mail Hong Kong to UK FPO cds (60860)1 x 1960 British Railways Electrification Conference Pmk (59300)1 x 1979-11-21 Three Kings Angel Nativity FDC (7651)1 x 1979-07-11 Year Of The Child Westminster SW1 FDC (37650)1 x 1979-07-11 Year of The Child Westminster SW1 FDC (33364)1 x 1981-05-13 Scarce HCPT Butterflies London FDC (45904)1 x 1979-11-21 SG1107 Mary and Joseph F/U (22862)1 x 1981-05-13 SG1152 Large Blue F/U (22907)1 x 1979-07-11 YOTC Birkenhead (1602)1 x 1981-05-13 Butterflies Wildfowl Trust Slimbridge FDC (54643)1 x 1979-09-26 SG1102 Mounted policewoman F/U (22857)1 x 1979-09-26 SG1100/3 Police Used Set1 x 1977-10-05 Wildlife Three Mile Cross cds FDC (50191)1 x 1979-11-21 SG1104 The Three Kings F/U (22859)1 x 1979-11-21 Christmas YOTC Havering Official FDC (32600)